Wrapping up Playstation Experience 2016: All about games


So this past weekend, Sony hosted its annual PlayStation fan fest, Playstation Experience 2016. And expected, Sony and its second party studios delivered the goods that we were all waiting. So, how about a quick recap? These were the games announced:

We also had new footage for:

And of course, the good old trailer heel with many titles displayed for 10 seconds or less. Playstation VR wasn’t in the spotlight, but had its moments (and poor Vita… just let it Die, really…)

Some games were missed in action, like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, God of War, Insomniac’s Spiderman and others, but they already expected to not be there.

The one announcement really missed was PSOne classics support for PS4. What the what? How hard it is? Seriously…

Overall, it was a good keynote presentation. It is really becoming the second most important event for Sony followers.

Wanna check this presentation? Here is the full keynote with no interruptions, full-HD quality and 60 frames per second.