Signs of Playstation 4 Jailbreak? PS3 Hacker Says: Buy a ps4 pro


Mathieulh, famous for hacking PS3, on Twitter just a while ago have recommended all interested in a possible PS4 Jailbreak to buy the Playstation 4 Pro while they are still on the firmware 3.7.

Playstation 4 pro Jailbreak

This does not say that there is something special specifically with the PS4 Pro, but mostly because it is under the firmware 4.06. Currently, all PS4 pros are shipped with firmware 3.70, which potentially could be vulnerable to some sort of Jailbreak.

So far, there are no new about a potential Jailbreak being available anytime soon, but an indication from Mathieulh can be a clue about what it is going on behind the scenes in the scene.