Final Fantasy XV – Early Impressions


I was finally able to get my hands on Final Fantasy XV for Playstation 4. Managed to grab a copy at JB-HIFI for $69, which it is a reasonable price for Australia. This is how it went:

Similar to World of Final fantasy, FFXV it is also composed of chapters. But seems that the chapters have a reasonable length and gives you an opportunity to do a lot in it. In this departments, there are plenty of sidequests, like bounty hunting, finding items, fishing and more, which can really keep you busy.

The game presents different battle styles:

Active Cross Battle: feels like an action RPG. You have freedom to move in the field and use your attacks.

Wait Mode: Feels more like a traditional rpg. When it is your turn, the battle freezes and you can choose enemies and attacks, without worry to be attacked while choosing your options.

You still have your traditional gears to equip, magic and skill tree, but I was really impressed how deep it can be while improving your skills.

In the graphics department, on OG PS4, it is not a graphical showcase, but very competent. It runs at 30fps most of the time, not interfering with gameplay. I can’t make any comments on PRO mode since I don’t have a PS4 Pro.

So far, I’m really enjoying it. Of course, story wise it is still early to see how it develops, but it is really great to see how Noctis is liked by his entourage.

Personally, I can’t wait to continue to play this game, I can for sure say get this game asap.